I have been extremely happy with the new insulation in our building. They made a 70 year old building air tight again. It can be challenging working with many sub-contractors in trying to start a new business – North Central Insulation was great to work with and their crew was extremely competent and professional.

Bob Adrian, Owner, Rump's Butcher Shoppe - Altoona, WI

With a decent recoating schedule – it’s best to recoat when pinholes first appear – a foam roof can last for decades.

Dick Fricklas, Technical Director Emeritus, Roofing Industry Educ

SPF roofing systems appear to have a very high degree of sustainability.

Dr. Rene Dupuis, Structural Resources Inc. - Madison, WI

After an internal audit of 2.5 million square feet at twenty different locations, it appears the SPF/silicone roofing system has stopped all occurrences of leaking in every location.

Facilities Engineering Department, Texas Instruments

As the Director of Operations and Maintenance for our school district, I am responsible for the maintenance of the roofs on our seven schools. We are just completing a re-coating of our original roofs that were installed in 1981. During that time the roof system has proven to be the most trouble –free, durable and inexpensive system that I have witnessed in my 20+ years of experience.

I would also like to express my confidence in North Central Insulation, who performed the original installations, ongoing maintenance and the re-coating of the majority of our roofs. Their expertise with the roof system and their commitment to customer support is without equal. Their service; before, during and after each project has been and continues to be exceptional.

I look forward to their continuing relationship with our school and would recommend their service to anyone anticipating a roofing project.

James L. Reynolds, Director of Operations and Maintenance (Former) - Des Plaines, IL

Our operations are located right on Lake Michigan, providing us with some of the nation’s most severe weather conditions. Despite the yearly thermal shock, our SPF roofs continue to keep us weather-tight on over a million square feet of roof area.

James Rumford, Maintenance Foreman, OMC - Waukegan, IL
In 1990 we chose to re-roof the 900,000 square foot Ford Sheldon Road plant with an SPF roofing system. We are very satisfied with our SPF roof and haven’t experienced any problems or maintenance costs since the installation. We have realized a decrease in energy bills from $876,000 annually to about $412,000.
M. M. Forester, Plant Engineer, Ford Motor Company - Plymouth, MI
As a school district, we are always looking for ways to maximize our dollar and create a more efficient facility. We recently completed our Strategic Plan and the main project consisted of replacing our 100,000 square foot roof. North Central came to our school and presented to our Facilities Team. After considering all options, we focused in on energy savings, future cost replacement, and yearly maintenance. North Central and the Spray Foam option provide all these elements and after stage one of our replacement plan they have exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend North Central and their Spray Foam roofing product and services.
Patrick B. Olson, District Administrator (Former), School District of Prairie Farm - Prairie Farm, WI

Texas A&M University has been using SPF roofing systems for over twenty years and today the A&M system has over 8 million square feet of successful SPF roofing applications.

Phil Haas, IAA, Facilities Planning, Texas A&M University - College Station, TX

St. Croix County was very pleased to contract with North Central Insulation……..we have never worked with a finer company. We believe that we have the best roof that money can buy and are looking forward to many years of trouble free service from our roof.

Ralph W. Robole, Facilities Manager, St. Croix County - Wisconsin
Having spent 40 years in various leadership roles within GE Roofing Systems, I can honestly say that no roofing contractor has provided greater quality in roofing applications or a better record of total customer satisfaction than North Central Insulation.
Ridge Stockdale, GE Roofing Systems
I have worked with built-up asphalt, single-ply and SPF roofing. SPF is far superior to other roofing systems….
Robert T. Stetson, P.E., Staff Facility Engineer, NEC
The polyurethane silicone roofing system is an exceptional value, offering tremendous energy savings and very low maintenance. Our stores that have this system have not experienced a single leak.
Thomas Kelley, Buildings Operations Manager, J.C. Penney Company
North Central Insulation…has demonstrated exceptional standards of quality workmanship and service. They are an outstanding qualified applicator and a valuable contributor to the GE Silicones Roofing Systems.
Walter Bilinski, GE Silicones
There now is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that SPF roof systems – when properly installed – can perform side by side with any roof system.
William Good, Executive Vice President, Nat'l. Roofing Contractor - Chicago, IL