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Spray Foam Air/Moisture Barrier Systems

Air Barriers control the unintended movement of air into and out of a building enclosure. Spray Foam systems provide the highest level of thermal insulation and provides a monolithic, fully sealed air and moisture barrier. Its spray applied installation process speeds construction and reduces labor costs substantially (estimated up to $1/square foot).

Benefits include:

foam around anchorsSpray Foam Air Barriers Provide Continuous Coverage and Insulation around anchors to the Exterior of Buildings
spraying buildingMonolithic, Fully-adhered Spray Foam Air Barrier Being Applied to Exterior of Building Before Face Brick

Spray Polyurethane Foam System

2 inches (R-14) estimated cost of labor and materials - $2.50/square foot


Standard Air Barrier System

2 inches Rigid Board Insulation (R-10) and liquid applied air barrier estimated cost of labor and materials - $3.50/square foot


* According to simulations by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) of typical buildings without air barriers: Available Here

* 18 Page Honeywell® whitepaper Air Barriers in Building Construction: Understanding Costs, Meeting Performance Standards and Exceeding Codes: Available here