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Saving Energy is Our Business


Why should you design with spray foam?

Spray foam is more than just a high R-value insulation:

Spray foam is different. Designing with spray foam allows an architect to use one product for many purposes: to achieve an air barrier, vapor barrier and provide effective insulation. Spray foam can provide you with a cost-effective building design and energy efficient building performance.
Spray foam is an excellent way that you can incorporate energy reductions into your building design. The Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) conducted a life cycle assessment of spray foam insulation. The results of the study show that the energy and environmental benefits from spray foam insulation used in new residential construction and commercial roofing retrofits far outweigh the embodied energy and embodied environmental impacts. Learn more about SPFA's life cycle assessment of spray foam insulation.

Building Codes & Standards

States and localities continue to adopt codes that encourage or mandate increased energy efficiency. Spray foam can help you meet or exceed stringent building and energy codes.

Certifications and Tax Incentives

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